Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Overnight

Some friends wanted a last go for the beach as June is still a little confused about its being a rainy month. Hehe.

We wanted to try a different beach this time; a place we've never been to. It was part of the beach-scouting we've been doing all our lives. Anyways, I proposed Narvacan and it so happened, all of us have never been to any beach there. It was the perfect choice anyway, since I have a lola there. We can stay in her house, just in case.

We went directly to my Lola's house. We rested a bit and then off we go to the beach. We found a big hut at the back of one of the resorts at Sulvec and we settled there as we considered our options. First, we can sleep at my Lola's house. Two, we can borrow a tent and sleep at the beach.

After considering all the pros and cons we finally decided to sleep at the beach the following night. We wanted to experience how the sand would feel as we doze off. The beach wasn't that spectacular. It wasn't like the white beach of Pagudpud. But, it's still a beach with soft sands waiting for our backs to lie down on them.

We stayed at the beach until 9pm and went back to Lola's for our things. We slept soundly and woke up really early at proceeded to the beach. We rented a cottage at the resort which were still being constructed(We have some complaints about it but I should discuss that in another post).

So, that afternoon, after taking in all of the big waves whole day, we borrowed a tent from another friend and cooked supper early. When the high waves calmed a bit at around 4pm, we jumped at the blue waters again. It really cooled us down!

Knowing, we didn't have electricity or any fixed source of light at the beach, we set up the tent early; right before sunset. What happened before we had dinner, was however, something we didn't expect. It rained! First there were just few drops. They were far and few. And the sky seemed harmless with a few dark clouds. But, just after a few seconds, the droplets turned into a little rainshower. Then, there was a slight hard rain with lightning and thunders.

We were disappointed to our bones. After about an hour or so, a few stars appear in the sky and dark clouds started to move southward. Our eyes were all on the sky. Come on, don't rain now. Let us enjoy the beach. Others said, we can sleep at the beach as planned since it won't rain anymore. Others, like me, were a little dubious and were proposing to just sleep at my lola's.

We really couldn't arrive at any decision at that time. Let's wait a little longer, I said. We wouldn't want to be sleeping at the beach with the rain and all. So, we ate supper and waited for the sky to calm better.

Later, the moon appeared. It was almost 9pm then. Others checked for a little hut near the beach. They said, it was okay to stay there and we can set up the tent at the shaded part. We were all smiles then. Night at the beach. Perfect!

So, off we go to the hut where we first settled and set up our tent at a shaded part just to be sure just in case it would rain again. After some bonfire and some beach stories to cheer us up, we went to bed at 11pm and woke up at around 7am. It was an awesome and truly relaxing sleep for us all!

But, the more amazing it was really to wake up at the beach. The waves sound was louder than usual when we woke up which suggests that the waves were high again. Too bad, it wasn't good for swimming. We really thought, we could go for a little swim again before we set off for home. Anyway, next time again, maybe.

It would be nice to sleep at the beach again and next time, hopefully it won't rain so there would be more hours of stargazing. And maybe, some dancing under the moon. Haha

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