Sunday, June 12, 2011

It should be raining, now!

The heat is unbearable.

It's June! I mean, it's June! It is supposed to be raining now and everyone should be running in red and green umbrellas. Kids should be out and running and dancing under the rain and enjoying the feel of muddy waters under their feet. People should be worrying now how to keep washed clothes from smelling bad without any sun to dry them. And the trees should be brighter green now as endless raindrops keep them moist for days.

But, after a few days of rain in the first days of June, why should it feel like it's still the middle of summer? The heat is burning my face red and if not only for lack of time, I should want to stay in the shower all day. And it feels weird to be forever carrying a face towel to make sure sweat drops don't fall on my eyes. And I feel like my productivity is dwindling because of the heat. I can't stay long enough outside to do the laundry except at night, when it's a little cooler. Loads of people share one electric fan in the sala so I hardly get a whip of air from the fan. Because I can't stand a minute without the electric fan buzzing in my face,I had to stand once in a while and position myself near the fan to get some badly-needed air. It took me about 20 trips from the computer to the throng of people who are positioned in front of the electric fan before I got to finish this post!

Oh, June! You're a rain month. You're supposed to give us rain now, day after day. It doesn't matter what time it is. It could be in the early morning or evening or any time of the day. Please. Just. Bring. Us. Rain.

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