Wednesday, December 29, 2010


December 30,2010.

It's my mother's 51st birthday. It is also 2 days before 2011.

Okay, I admit, I am caught in this new year euphoria thing. I can't help it. It's the birth of a a new decade that I have first become fully aware of or rather have chosen to become fully aware of.

I was too young to even consider that something big was going to happen with the start of the 21st century in 2000. And so was in 1990. I was 5 years old then.

But, now, I'm in this age where time seem to matter more. I am in a time where I count the past decade with memories that not only concern personal triumphs and failures but something that encompasses the essence of altruism.

It's a decade of actually being part of something so important, something that goes beyond wanting a great life for myself.

I am a witness to 2011. And while the rest of the world celebrate it just for the kick of it, there are many others like me out there who welcome it with hopes for better lives for everyone.

To 2011, cheers!

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