Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Christmas of the Decade

It's the last Christmas of the Decade. But, it seems like 2000 isn't such a long time ago.

It's overwhelming that ten years have passed. Except the fact that it makes me feel a century older, the prospect of a new year also makes me retrospective of what happened in the past 10 years of my life.

In 2000, I remember being in 3rd year highschool and I was dragged in the Y2K glitch that worried the world. I was busy reading Vampire Chronicles and contemplating ways to find Lestat. Haha.

I was in 4th year highschool and was joining too many journalism contests in 2001. I hated Erap's impeachment trial because I missed Fushigi Yuugi episodes due to the live telecast of the trial as much as I hated Erap's corrupt ways.

These first two years were the most I remember before I finally grew up and learned that poverty is real. That people who literally do not have anything to eat really exist and not just the creation of tele-novelas.

The 8 years that followed saw me awakening and embracing the life that should be spent for others. It was not easy at first. Nor is it any easier now but year after year I learned to deal with everything that comes with serving others.

And I wouldn't claim that the life I lived for the past 10 years were that noble to not have erred. There were mistakes. But, I have come out older and wiser.

These past 10 years saw me as a kid struggling to grow up. They saw me as a young adult learning to be an adult. There are things I would have wanted to change. There are things I wish I didn't do and things I wish I would not have said. But, heck, these 10 years made me grow up and become the best person I can be.

So, there's nothing to do but let 2010 take these past 10 years where they belong - to the past. I will pick the memories to comfort me when I most needed them. They're about pains and the struggle. They're about love and heartbreaks. They're about being young and growing up. They're about joys and winnings. They're about happiness and hope.

So, as I take the best out of these 10 years, I look forward to 2011 with greater hopes.

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