Monday, November 1, 2010

Not a Morning Person

I am not a very good morning person. I usually get up from bed with half-opened eyes and let cold water from the kitchen sink do the rest of the work. And when that isn't enough, a cigarette does just right.

So, this morning, when Buds woke me up at past 10:00, it didn't feel so right. I like waking up by myself then get up from bed after asking myself personal things just to make sure I have my sanity intact (I wouldn't want to get up from bed with a nutty head). When she woke me up that I have to get up since we have to go to the cemetery that morning, I had to jump from bed.

With eyes barely opened and hair all over my face, I went straight to the bathroom and pour water on myself.

Just kidding.

But, okay, I didn't have that much time to prepare myself for a morning bath. It was cold and I usually sit for a while and smoke a cigarette (Not that I would be able to do it at home. Rule is, never smoke a cigarette at home. Ever) or drink coffee before I take a bath.

I was actually in a half-asleep state while taking a bath. And when I finished taking a bath, everyone's aboard the car. I only had a few seconds to look at my face in the mirror and make sure there's not a smudge of toothpaste in it.

Anyway, I felt kind of guilty on the way to the cemetery that I should feel so grumpy. So, I tried to smile. The sun did the trick, anyway. It was too hot that when I started to sweat, the sleepiness was gone in no time.

My two sisters and I lighted four blue candles for our dead. I just don't know why my father bought blue candles for Lola Andrea, Lola Sintang, Lolo Quirin and Lola Pacia. Maybe, blue has something to do about remembering. Sad, melodramatic remembering.

But, still, I am not a morning person. And now, it's evening so I'm on a roll!

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