Saturday, November 6, 2010

Come, sleep, come.

I can’t sleep. This isn’t really a new thing because I’ve been kind of insomniac ever since.
But, it does bother me when zits appear. Three zits in my eyebrow line and another one on my left cheek. Tiny ones they are but they still irritate me. I have this bad habit of touching my face every now and then and the fact that I can touch these zits in my face stresses me more than all these several days of nonstop bus rides.

The fact that I still can’t feel any sleepiness at this hour stresses me more. I have an early schedule tomorrow and I need to wake up at 6am for a two-hour travel and I feel like I might not wake up on time. I need to be on time so we can finish early and I can make it to another afternoon schedule which is another 4-hour bus ride.

See? This is what I’m saying. I hardly sleep and there’s a lot of travel which I need to do. Stress seems so regular these past days and I just can’t stand it!

Oh, sleep, come now please.

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