Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Gimmick

The plan is to give a different twist to this Halloween. The idea came first this morning aboard a mini bus. Just as the bus I rode passed by a dull-painted gate, a guy wearing a Grim’s mask ran to the street, with his hands almost touching the bus and growled at me. Or probably, at all of us.

Lightbulbs flashed. Stars shimmered. Music blared. I can do the same. And maybe, even with a better twist.

Our house is quite oddly placed at a dangerous slope along Maharlika Highway. Accidents happen a lot on that area. It might be the reason people believe that the acacia tree on the other side of the road fronting our house is home to a white lady and a horse with its carriage. It has been quite a time since there was any serious accidents so the tale is no longer that popular.

But, if people will see someone clothed in shimmering white wearing a Grim’s mask, they will start to talk again. Especially, when they’ll see it tomorrow night just as they’re walking home from the cemetery. It's time to scare some people and give this Halloween its rightful Halloween vibe.

Hopefully, this works. All I need are a few conspirators to back me up. Interested? Hehe

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