Friday, November 12, 2010

Download galore

These last two nights are definitely sleepless nights. Except for being the perennial insomniac that I am, I really needed to finish paperworks.

The thing is these two sleepless nights gave me three great downloads accomplishments despite slow internet connection which only works quite okay from 12am to 3am.

One, I was able to download a pre-release version of Adobe Photoshop CS5. It's the latest Photoshop edition and promises loads of new features which I haven't had time to check out yet. Though, I'm a bit perplexed why it was named White Rabbit, its flash loader designed with charming and classic burnt yellow texture is one great start to expect really new great stuff in graphics editing.

Two, a Final Draft Scriptwriting software which comes handy since I need to finish a script by the end of the month for a documentary film about tobacco farmers in Ilocos. Hopefully, it will help me to make the work easier since I'm a real newbie in video scriptwriting.

Three, I was able to finally download the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. I will be watching it later as all the speakers in the office where I have stayed for the past two nights were all not working.

Here's to two sleepless, download-galore nights. Want more. Hehe.

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