Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stubborn Heat

The sunrays seep through this thin, embroidered cloth that's supposed to be a curtain and dust particles are dancing to an easy air. It's hot. Freaking hot.

The electric fan buzz on a corner, slightly cooling down the place but not enough to keep the sweat from forming on my forehead. It is uncomfortable enough that I have to listen to the endless rattle of the fan blades and with the addition of having to wipe off my face every now then, a severe headache is on its way.

It's "ber" month and it's supposed to be cooler but the pattern obviously no longer apply. No more of the misty air that used to greet nightwalks during this month. One walks and it seem like hard labor. Profuse sweat at a even a minute of light physical activity.

It's 4:33 pm, RP time, yet there's not even a light air to brush the deadliness of afternoon heat. It might rain just like other late afternoons but the heat persists. Stubborn heat, it is.

A shower again later, perhaps.

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