Thursday, October 14, 2010


I came home to an empty house three hours ago. It was dark and I almost had to crawl upstairs to get the lights on. When I went back downstairs, I saw it all.

Signs of intrusions were very evident. Chicken shits at the garage. Small and scattered. Small and sundried. Not in any way pretty. When I got to the kitchen, ants were laboring on the TV, on a Bench paperbag and on the dusty floor tiles. Some creativity helped to get rid of them.

When I turned the TV on, I went deaf. The volume was at its maximum. Remote control doesn't work and so does the volume button. I had to spend three minutes forcing down the V- button to keep it down.

After a supper of Seafood instant noodles, I decided to start writing. That was 30 minutes ago. The thing is, I forgot my flashdrive which contains my references.

So apart from being alone tonight, I also have to stare blankly at the computer screen, forcing myself to write despite incomplete data. I had to type: ___________________ every now and then. So far, I've written nothing.

I'm going to miss the deadline tomorrow. At least, I'll have the chicken shits to blame it all on. Or maybe the ants.

Haha. Sweet.

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