Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flexibility of LGU Offices during disasters

We've rounded several barangays in three municipalities today in the second district of Ilocos Sur. And from our visits, I can say that: Some people out there in local LGU's are doing their jobs halfheartedly. Apart from Santa, Ilocos Sur, and Candon's Fisheries Bureau, we were not able to talk to anyone from concerned offices of two municipalities who could give us sizable information regarding the extent of damages in their areas of responsibility.

Those from the LGU's should do more than just wait for reports from barangays. They should at least try to arrange ocular visits in their areas of responsibility so that when people ask them about data on damages caused by Typhoon Juan, they won't be giving answers like: "We still do not know. We're still waiting for reports."

Answers like these are lame. They can do more than just wait. Because the faster that they gather data, the faster that they will also be able to provide assistance.

Take for example this one barangay that we visited in Sta. Lucia, they have already reported a totally damaged house; they've been advised to wait for ocular inspection. Surprisingly,we were the first to be there for ocular inspection; none from any LGU office of Sta. Lucia have paid any visit to the barangay since they reported it on October 18. Apparently, the LGU also still do not know that in that same barangay, bananas of at least 100 families have been destroyed and vegetable crops of several families were also damaged.

I just hope that other LGU offices would be more flexible in carrying out their responsibilities during calamities; they would have to leave the comforts of their offices and conduct visits in barangays.

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