Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some of some

Went to Heritage in a bike tonight. Did it passed the arrogant big buses with horns that ring like monsters' growls.

Within 8 slow minutes, I got there at Heritage's, just in time to catch the last of the Halloween parade. The parade closed with an ambulance with a driver who wears a Grim's mask and when it exited at the 4th crossing, onlookers soon attacked the souvenir shops and cameras flashed in all directions as tourists picked their spots. They will surely post those pictures in Facebook and earn everyone's envy because they've been to Vigan's Heritage.

And I biked and biked. I circled the crossings and felt the cobblestones' mini-friction with the bike's wheels. Then I saw my companions turning in my direction; it was the end of my biking moments. In a few seconds, the bike was claimed by its owner.

I left Heritage in heavy footsteps as the bike owner did its usual tricks on the bike. Limping, jumping some inches up the ground.

Then we flagged down a tricycle and went home. It was the Halloween Night of 2010. Some biking, Some parade. Some walking. Some of some.

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