Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Scenes on Valentine's Eve

Last night was an interesting mixture of a heartbreak story and unsisterly acts.

Heavy night, you might say.

Scene 1:

I don't know if it was a good thing but while all my neighbors must probably have been outside their house, snooping on the minutes of eardrum-breaking profanities of two girls, I chose to stare at the laptop screen while debating if I should look it up or continue editing a brochure layout.

So I stared hard and waited for them to shut up. It didn't for a long time. Not until after almost an hour. Yup, it was that long. There sure is a lot of hate between those two girls.

And then E arrived. By then, everything was very quiet.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, there were shrieks again. E, a self-confessed snoop, ran down the stairs and opened the gate with a bang. She ran back the stairs minutes later to tell me that she joined the rest of the our neighbors who were watching two sisters trying to kill each other. And she added that I was probably the only person in that area who wasn't there. That was probably her indirect way of telling me I missed some important news.

According to E, one sister has her whole dress ripped in parts, thanks to her drunk sister. So you might just have a picture now of what they actually did to each other to get to that point.

Scene 2:

Out of nicotine need, I and E decided to walk all the way to a midnight store somewhere near the highway. It was some 10 minutes walk. Being a phone addict that she is, she kept on talking to someone on the phone all the way to the store. With everything being so quiet, except for some slight interruption from tricycles and dogs, I felt like an intruder. Well, it wasn't intended, I was hearing everything she was saying on the phone and it seemed like she wasn't so interested in keeping her voice down.

When the call ended, she started to share her heartbreak, which I've already guessed earlier, thanks to my unintentional eavesdropping. The thing is, there was no Valentine's date for her. Her boyfriend of recent months suddenly found himself falling for someone else and of all days, he had to say it right at that day, right on Valentine's Day. Sweet.

Ah, life. Sometimes, Valentine's Day has to be so cruel.


Anonymous said...

hanep. whatta night!

joy said...

anya metten. grabe met.