Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great Day

They say, it’s best to start the day early. And I say to do that, one needs a good sleep.

And that sure is what happened today. Finally, after weeks of feeling sleep-deprived, I got my 7-hour sleep and it felt great waking up this morning.

Cut out the fact that I bought a damaged flash drive and I can say it has been really a great day.

And one thing that really rocks? I forgot to take my lunch but I was offered sandwiches later in the day and was exempted in spending another 60 pesos for lunch.

I finally found a way how to spend less. I should be congratulating myself for that even if it’s only a mere sixty pesos. Great things come from small things, right?

If my sister gets to read this, I can almost imagine her reaction: “Magbayad ka na, nakakapagtipid ka na pala.”

Great day, really.

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