Friday, February 12, 2010

Better Days

It's not that this whole day was completely "badtrip". I started today really great, though I woke up early with just a few hours of sleep. I spent almost the whole afternoon with people who were really very nice.

It's just that I learned something and I got pissed off. There are people who avoid being caught up in a complicated situation. I know that feeling. But what I don't get is when people make excuses so they won't have to be there when it happens. And the more that I don't understand why people who should be more responsible will tolerate such attitude instead of encouraging the person to bravely face whatever are those circumstances and to try all his might to help out.

Now, I'm more pissed off. So, I'm just going to cut it right there and probably just watch TV or play Farm Frenzy.

Or maybe I'm just a little worried because I lost my cellphone yesterday and totally lost contact with some people I should be texting right now.

I'll have better days.

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