Tuesday, February 9, 2010

thirty-minute break

After several days of hardly ever having healthy conversations with some people, I finally took a full six-hour sleep last night. I woke up early to a great morning, never mind that it was forced since my cellphone's time is about two hours early.

I was able to wash the dishes with not much of a hurry and I managed to send messages that were not "business as usual" hoping I could cheer up the people I might have dragged into my monotonous self these past days.

Good thing last night, I was able to catch a good thirty minutes of inactivity at Robinson's while waiting for someone. I was able to relax a bit, think through things and realized that things were actually going great. Targets were met except for some slight changes but we managed. So in that mall lobby, I kissed goodbye any negative thoughts and smiled like I was just treated to a Coke float.

So, after all, 30 minutes are all I needed to rid of all those negative thoughts. And, except for reminding me how penniless I am, at least that mall has other things to remind me of: chill, ranix. chill.

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