Friday, February 5, 2010

Shattered Ego

The other night I saw how easily a person can drive another person to become violent. Or maybe, it is love that does that.

Either way, I came so close to losing my cool but maintained it and tried to make everyone calm. It was short of dressing myself up as a clown complete with the overboard lipstick and silly dance. But, should my attempt at trying to be funny in my words did not work, I might have tried that.

It was a good thing that after more than two hours, it became clear to everyone that walking, about three kilometers was better than getting ourselves worked up at the kitchen smoking our lungs out. That was one and a pack of Marlboro gone in two and half hours. Imagine how high our nicotine levels must have been at that time.

So we walked and laughed and talked about silly things. We took pictures at the bridge until my cellphone’s battery went dead. We walked until someone reminded us of the curfew time.

After finishing our empanada and C2, we headed back home at around 1am. Our feet ached and we were so sleepy, we went straight to bed when we arrived.

There were lessons learned that night. Hearts were broken and feelings were hurt. Maybe, it was more than about feelings; an ego was also shattered to pieces, in his own territory. Insults and threats were uttered. But, in the end, everyone managed to cool down afterwards. We all slept with clearer heads.

Hopefully, those lessons will remain; especially for that one person who broke one’s heart and ego. Oh, well, just as he puts it: “Magba-valentine’s pa naman.”


crunchy said...

either way one had to choose his reactions, to get angry or to be frightened what will stand ahead. dats nature when confronted by threat, there's no one to blame at all.

ranix said...

crunchy, thanks for visiting my site. ahm, yup. things happen and it's always best to maintain your cool. presence of mind, so they say.