Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of Tylenol and Forgetfulness

Okay, I'm going to blame it to days of not having enough sleep. That and a one-year Tylenol medication.


I lost my flash drive again. This must be like the fourth time I lost a flash drive.

Grabe. Grrr.

That flash drive contained stuff that are really important such as poems, short stories (of which I've just wrote recently)layout designs and reports. Out of rush, I forgot to put in my purse and when I realized I wasn't able to, it was too late; the flash drive was gone and so are all the personal files I have in it.

Of course, a workmate pointed out to me that there's nothing new about me losing stuff because of my absent-mindedness. Thanks to a one-year addiction to Tylenol. I've taken these medicines because of my migraine and though I already stopped taking them, the side effects would have to account for my frequent absent-mindedness. Stubbornness did. I already knew that Tylenol is already banned because of its side effects, I still took it.

It's crazy really because since yesterday, I've been like: "I need to finish a report. But, no, the files I needed were all in my flash drive.", "I'm going to upload pictures in my Facebook account, but, wait, I can't. Those were all in my lost flash drive."

Everything I need to do seems like to depend upon that lost flash drive. Ah, technology!

But, still, ranting about it on this blog wouldn't help in anyway. I've lost the flash drive and that means, I have to start all over again. And starting all over again means more sleepless days. And more sleepless days means becoming more forgetful.

Argh, I just hope, I won't forget my name despite the busy schedule. If that happens, that'll be more than I can handle.


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