Friday, January 29, 2010

Blinding lights

Full realization came slow but I got here alright. I got blinded by city lights just like everyone else and then I figured that they don't necessarily help you see things right. Sometimes, they just give you the feeling that you do. And better yet, they make hanging out late night more inviting.

So, it's true. In the city, things take shape and break. Sometimes, too easily. Things happen too fast and it takes brave hearts to stand by what is right. Choices are hard to make and yet harder to live with. There you go. You have piled up ironies of things you want, you wish for and you struggle for. It is a reality that while things can start from scratch, they can also fade away.

And in this city of blinding lights, of crowded and dangerous streets, you need to take hold of time and opportunities. Because, even if things usually end and simply turn out of your control, there are things that you can keep if you chose to.

Come with me downtown. Let's make things happen. Some things are for keeps.

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