Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bus Ride

My head is spinning. I feel drained. It must be because last night's travel was exhausting.

I caught a ride (Partas bus) at 10 minutes before 9pm. I didn't eat dinner and decided to have it at any bus stop. A few minutes after finding a seat at the end, I already wanted to step out of the bus.

The driver was driving too fast. Since I was at the end, it was very uncomfortable. I decided to change seats and found a vacant seat 3 rows just behind the driver. I realized too late that that was more dangerous.

Since I was really exhausted from the seminar, I wanted to sleep. It's what I usually do at bus trips - sleep the entire time. But, by the time we reached the next town in only 6 minutes, I decided to forego my plan of sleeping.

I just busied myself in making sure I remain awake just in case something happens. I saw how the bus almost bumped into a fuel tanker's rear and a mini-elf. A van was also almost hit when when our bus tried to overtake it.

The bus speed didn't change even in those part of the highway with really sharp curves. I had to grasp firmly on the headboard of the seat infront of me. If not for the arm rest, I would have easily been thrown many time out of my seat. The arm rest helped me stay in place.

I reached Vigan after only 2 hours. That's one of the fastest ride I took. It would have been alright if I didn't feel like I was going to die every minute or so. I took down the bus number and I swear that I will never ride in that bus again. The number is 342.

Okay, we didn't figure in an accident. I arrived home safely. But fast rides are known to be the cause of accidents.

Too many news of highway accidents have made me fearsome of fast rides. I surely don't want to die in a bus accident. It is not only messy, it is horrible. Who wants to die with a body part missing?

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