Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sanity Breaks

Sanity breaks, I used to call them. Insomnia started the whole thing. At odd hours, I'd nag my housemates to take walks and most of the time, we would find ourselves at the best hang out in Vigan, which is at Herigate Village. We would walk Vigan streets, with cigarette smokes filling our lungs and balut to make up for hours of walking.

Heritage with its cobblestone streets and cozy streetlights saw us in many night and midnight walks. And how hard we laughed at things as we let the hours slip by peeping at antique stores and wooden statues.

Stories were endless and our laughter were the only thing that filled Heritage's silent streets.

And then, things got busier. We moved to different places, only seeing each other when time permits. Those night and midnight walks became less frequent.

Tonight, we revisited Heritage. And much has changed. At least, for the better. But, despite it all, the stories remain endless. But, with so much to do, we can't afford that much time to hang out together.

At ten p.m., it was time to go. Ah, all things change and in those changes, the bond only gets stronger no matter how less we get to see each other.

For one, we share the same struggles. And these are more than enough reasons to keep coming back. Heritage Village to me will always be best place for sanity breaks.

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