Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First, he tried to eat my fifty-peso bill. Then he took my keys, ran into a corner and kept on chewing them and would have probably eaten all of it if I wasn't able to find him on time and snatch the keys away.

And just a few hours ago? He vomitted right in my supplies box! Of all places where he could have done it, he found it sweeter to vomit on my stuff! Just imagine how my stuff stinks and how much patience I have mustered so I would not throw him away.

He doesn't look cute, no. Though one housemate claims he is. He is far from it. He chews on everything and since three days ago, he has been aiming to destroy my things. He probably hates me.

I did try to love him. And tried to like him. I decided that I can love his brown eyes and brown hair. I decided that if he would act nicely, I can probably look after him and make sure he doesn't fall on the stairs again (thanks to a housemate who chase him to the stairs).

But, just now, I'm having second thoughts. He still has to prove himself before he can earn my love, or at least my favor.

And, oh, for now, he's not welcome anywhere near my stuff. Not within a kilometer, at least. Hmp.



kapirasong mantika said...

akala about sa turtles..hehe

why hate dogs??

they are sooo adorable creatures...next to cats of corz! hehe


rise up said...

the feeling is mutual. haha!

rara said...

akala ko si lemon na haha

ranix said...

kapirasong mantika: adorable? not all dogs are. especially not pampu.

rise up: right on that.

rara: waaaa. siempre mahal ko si lemon. bait nun e.hehe

tsong said...


kahit may galis pa sila o kakatayin na...adorable pa rin sila for me!



ranix said...

tsong: puso mo tsong. puso mo.hehe.
buti na lang pala hindi pusa ang inapi ko sa post kundi lagot ako.hehe