Saturday, April 3, 2010


I spent the whole day making worried phone calls and sending of messages, and when I finally convinced myself that the best thing I can do is to just settle for what it already is – all tomorrow’s work, I tried to keep my mind off all the worries. They were alright, I was assured.

Though, I was feeling kind of guilty for being too far to be on an immediate rescue, there was nothing I can do. No ride was available to get to anywhere at the time I received their message. And walking is not an option, not when this place reeks of bloodshed with only a handshake and P3,000 to settle it.

So, to keep my mind off the worries, I joined in the drinking spree.
I had 7 shots and of course, it’s nothing compared to what my sister had to get herself drunk. The catch? We have to put up with four hours of her nonstop blabbing. Good thing, she's finally had it after an hour of sleep. And it doesn't really make any difference, drunk or not, she seems louder by the minute. Hehe.

Nah, it’s already 12:38 and I still couldn’t sleep. I don’t know if it’s the heat or it’s just because I’m worried.

Maybe, it’s both. Either way, I’ll leave as early as I can tomorrow.

Things may not be alright but at least I’ll be there. Assurance is a big thing. I hope we can all work for it.

Come sleep. Come.

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