Friday, April 23, 2010

Media deception

Media sure has its way of influencing the public. And when the media is being used to deceive people, the public right to know is reduced to nothing. This elections, this became more evident.

I've been exchanging posts with a Facebook user these past days and how he defends Noynoy Aquino, even to the extent of parroting the latter's excuses regarding the Hacienda Luisita massacre and the Cojuangco family's Supreme Court's defiance to distribute the lands to the farmers.

And all the basis of his arguments which he claims to be the whole truth are simply those that came from news all over ABS-CBN, which is clearly bias of Noynoy.

It is sad when a media outfit which is supposed to be in the service of the Filipino people make use of itself to bolster the candidacy of a person they're rooting for - someone who has blood in his hands, someone who has never had the heart for the farmers who comprise 75% of the population.

But, I am hopeful that more Filipinos are more critical what they see on the news. Yep, I trust in the intelligence of the masa.

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