Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Power Shortage? Give me a Break.

The rotating brownouts has finally caught us up.

It's like every other day, every establishment in Laoag City is roaring with power generators.

What I don't get is the fact there's some power shortage that should largely affect the provinces of Ilocos. After all, there's the Bauang Private Power Corporation located in Bauang, La Union which only run its machines when it sees fitting, este, it only operates once a week for only a few hours. And that's true even to this date.

So, this power shortage largely puzzles me. Is there really power shortage or is it because it's the year 2010 and most of those Build-Operate-Transfer contracts of power plants are expected to expire this year? Could it be that the this is one way for the power plants to pressure the government to extend/renew contracts so they can continue earning millions by the hour?

It's a question which has been at the back of my mind. What could it be, really? Will the guilty ones please stand up?

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