Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pampu II

Yesterday, we bought Pampu his very first leash at Robinson's so we can tie him up whenever we leave the house. He has this tendency of slipping out of the gate when no one's around. There's a small space on the lower part of the gate where he usually squeezes himself out.

There are of course other factors why we decided it would be better to tie him up.
Pampu has this unusual habit of shitting anywhere on the garage, especially on parts where we're most likely to step on them, so we decided we might be able to contain his shitting on a particular garage corner, the safest for all of us. And since he can't help chewing on things, like slippers, papers, electric cords, including certain body parts (i.e. toes, hands, ankles, soles) we thought we can help him become more disciplined and train him to act a little more - civilized.

With all these things in mind, we thought that we should tie him up the whole night so we can start training him. At first, he cried so we let him loose several times until we got tired of his whining, we let him sleep without tying him up.

This morning,we tied him up to keep him from the streets. At first, there were his usual whining which we tried to ignore. Then, suddenly, he got quiet. That made us smile. We thought, he's gotten used to it after trying it out several times last night.

But, when I took the stairs to get my coffee, there he was right at the foot of the stair! He was looking at me on the eye, seemingly with a smirk on his face to show off his chewed leash! He was able to chew that in more or less 30 minutes!

I was quite surprised that he was able to chew that in such a short time. I should be checking those teeth sometime, they must work like razors. Though I was a little annoyed about what he did with his newly-brought leash, I must admit that I'm quite happy he's a clever dog. And maybe, tying him up wasn't such a good idea, after all.

Yup, tying him up with a cheap leash won't do. Chains, maybe. Hehe.

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